Lila Pine

special thanks to everyone
for your contribution to
Imag(in)ing Indigeneity in Language

Stephen J. Augustine
Judith Butler
Harry Condo
Tiny Cremo
Joanne DiNova
Laura Heidenheim
Eliza Knockwood
Marie Knockwood
MaryAnn Metallic
Taie'n Mise'l
Simon Ortiz
Armin Parhiz
Urpi Pine
Chaska Santinoli-Pine
Sal Santinoli
Wenu Santinoli-Pine
Rose Spencer
Clifford Paul
Janice Vicaire
Lillian Vicaire Moffat
Gilbert Waconda


    Financial Support for Imag(in)ing Indigeneity in Language came from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Research/Creation Grants in Fine Arts) and Ryerson University