The Creative Native Project brings the Medicine of the arts to Indigenous communities. Touring multi-arts festivals showcase local and professional Indigenous entertainers and artists of all kinds, while building a corps of local Indigenous youth who take leadership positions in doable jobs and then mentor their peers at subsequent community events. These are more than local talent shows, and more than incoming professional concerts. Rather than simply bringing professional "entertainment" to the community for one exciting night, we mentor local youth in the setup and production of live events. We offer Indigenous youth apprenticeships, accreditation and vocational opportunities in theatrical, art, curation and documentation techniques. They learn about stage and gallery preparation, concert production, sound, lighting, signage, publicity, hospitality, documentation and other important jobs. Then, they become part of the touring show as it moves from one community to the next. Thus, youth from Community 1 mentor youth in Communities 2 and so on, temporarily becoming part of the ongoing curating and touring crew as interns, in youth leadership positions, wherein they experience perhaps their first taste of a healthy career in the arts.

Buffy Sainte-Marie
awards Creative Native Certificates
to youth from Six Nations of the Grand River